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Powerful and versatile

With a very broad coverage of hearing loss range, the XTM P P6 has power you need with the options you want. The housing designs makes it a robust and powerful hearing aid. The XTM P P6 features also feedback prevention, noise management technology and offers the solution you need for any situations.


Special Performance Features

Accessories and Apps

Our accessories brings you the convenience of making adjustments to your hearing aids discreet and easy.


Smart Key

A small remote for discreet control of hearing aids without the need of a smartphone. It is designed to fit on key ring, allowing you to bring it everywhere in a easy and convenient way.


MyRemote App

Turn your smartphone into a remote control for your hearing aids! The app enhances discretion by hiding the remote control within your mobile device without the need for additional hardware. Full control of your hearing aids looks as subtle as checking for a text message.

smar remote app