Better hearing for everyone

Our name plays an important role in describing our goal as a company

At A&M we can proudly trace our origins back to one of the world’s first manufacturers of electrical hearing aids from the beginning of the 1900’s. Since our foundation, we have strived to make the benefits of trusted audiological technology accessible to everybody with hearing loss.

Our name, which we interpret as an abbreviation for the Latin term ‘Auditus Melior’, meaning better hearing, reflects our brand promise of better hearing for everyone, and serves as a constant reminder of our goal. The use of Latin, as the language of science and medicine, further emphasises our commitment to providing hearing care professionals with audiologically proven hearing aids that are practical, easy-to-use and affordable for the people they serve.

As the number of people who need a professionally fitted yet affordable solution to their hearing challenge continues to rise, our mission to make proven audiological technology accessible to everybody is more relevant than ever before.

Hearing and Hearing Loss

If you or a loved one have some degree of hearing loss, you are not alone. Hearing aids can help you.

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