In-The-Ear Instruments

Our XTM in-the-ear hearing aids offer super discreet and reliable solutions with proven hearing system technology.


The XTM IF CIC and the XTM IF ITC are nearly invisible
in the ear, making them the ideal devices for you if discretion
is an important factor. With their flexible Click Sleeves in
different sizes, they can be worn comfortably and secure.
A great advantage of these in-the-ear devices is that you can
take them home with you after the first session and you do
not have to wait for a custom built shell from the laboratory.
The XTM IF CIC and the XTM IF ITC offer our well proven
features like feedback prevention & noise management.



XTM Custom

Our XTM customs are tailor-made for your ear so that you
can enjoy both discretion and performance. XTM customs
are suitable for a broad range of hearing loss, while still
maintaining their small size. With state of the art technology
and design these hearing aids provide discretion and
wearing comfort, outstanding listening satisfaction and
improved speech understanding.